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This 60 day program is 100% free. There is a paid version with much more content but this one is free. It’s all here for you so all you need to is log into the appropriate days training on the day you need.

You need to follow the 5 day preparation block first. This will build a strong foundation and give you some cool study resources you will need for your study journey.

Have Fun.

Paul Browning

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  1. To whom it may concern I have been getting videos and have tried several times to get in to the 60 day challenge to no avail, can you please let me know what I need to do to be able to join the study challenge?

    Thank you very much in advance for all you do for me and everyone who takes your challenge.

    • paulwbrowning

      We open once per month and I e-mail everyone who watched the videos



  2. L

    Just bought your book. It is pretty good reading. Thank you.

  3. Andrea

    site is broken out of date

    • paulwbrowning

      Yes, please click where it tells you to get to the new part.



  4. Paul,

    I clicked the link in the Challenge Open email to sign up and the website still says “Sorry We’re Closed.” I would love to join. Please advise.


  5. Kenneth Harrison

    i want to start the paid course just want to verify $97 and open again November 1 so should pay oct 30 to be included

    • paulwbrowning

      HI Kenneth,

      we usually open on the 1st of the month or a couple of days earlier if it falls on a weekend/Monday.



  6. Shailash Singh

    Hi Paul,

    I tried on many occassions yesetrday to get on the in60days take the challenge website and kept getting the following message

    “An error occurred in this application
    An error occurred in this application. Please try again. If the error occurs again, please contact the site admin”

    I logged in this morning to see if I could get in and I was able to but now the site is saying it is closed and will have to wait until Nov 1st to take this challenge.
    I cannot wait until then and would like to take this challenge today, can you help on this matter.

    • paulwbrowning

      REally sorry

      site back up now.

      if you need access support.in60days.net



  7. Alejandro Cambero

    I would like to get access to this 5 Days free.

    After That, I’ll buy the full CCNA version.

    How can I get free access?

    Thanks in advanced

  8. Andrea

    I keep getting emails that you are about to close. Am I in? I have gotten no confirmation. I did the 5 day prep and started the CCNA . I am getting the QOTD but am I good to go for CCNA in 60days?

    • paulwbrowning

      Only if you paid on the joining page. You tell me.



  9. Eddie

    Any word on when your new book will be out?

    • paulwbrowning

      October maybe.

  10. Andrea

    Well got busy, missed the opportunity to take the old test for CCNA, now for the new examine. It is what it is. I guess I wanted to go the hard way.

  11. D.C.

    Yay! That worked, you rock. Thanks!

  12. D.C.

    I signed up for the 60 days this morning and received a confirmation email, and paypal email, but no password yet. I tried the forgot password link, it said the password was sent, but still no email. I checked in the spam box as well. Help please?

    • paulwbrowning

      I sent you another one.

      If that doesnt arrive then its your SPAM filter.



  13. Benny Bravo


    I bought the book at Amazon today, fast delivery for tomorrow.
    Is the 60 day class, that opens on August 1st, still valid for the soon to be “old” CCNA Test?



    • paulwbrowning

      Yes, it is opening for both exams.



  14. Eddie

    Hi Paul,

    how are things going for the new CCNA? Is it going to be really hard? Are we still going to e able to do it on 60 days?

    • paulwbrowning


      I’m doing the videos now.



  15. Eddie Gonzalez


    Can youtell me how long it will take about to read each chapter in the IN 60 DAYS BOOK? I will be reading it in the morning then will do the lecture lab in the evening when i get home from work. Will 1 hour a chapter do it?



    • paulwbrowning

      Impossible to say as they are all different sizes!



  16. Graeme

    Hi Paul

    Can you confirm that I have missed the boat for the current 60days?
    (an email arrived this morning but the website it pointed me too said it was shut.)



    • paulwbrowning

      It’s open 1st of each month Graeme.



  17. Geo

    Never mind, all sorted and another member to the fold! Your stuff is fantastic, the books (especially the subnetting book) really helped a lot. Hope I can get through it before time runs out!

    Many thanks Paul!

    • paulwbrowning



  18. Geo

    Paul, have bought the book. Great piece of kit! Looking to get more and looked to signing up for the paid version. Saw a Facebook coupon code but it don’t work, are there any more avail?

    • paulwbrowning

      It works as it’s been used by a few people so far.



  19. Bought the book, and without it I wouldn’t have made it through the test. A complete lifesaver you are. I have started my CCNP studies, and owe it all to you.

    To everyone, get the book or join the program, and stick with it. This isn’t for the uncommitted. You only have a few more months… get to it!

    • paulwbrowning

      Thanks Damian,

      post an amazon review if you don’t mind.



  20. Eddie

    Hi Paul,

    Ok i think i got the hang of it now. I’ll only correspond with you from the members paid site. Sorry if i caused you any grief. I’m doing the labs now in Packet Tracer

    • paulwbrowning



  21. Eddie Gonzalez

    Hello Paul,

    With all due respect i signed up for the IN60DAYS COURSE because you stated that it was a hand held class for the CCNA certification. Well i got the book and i signed up for your sight and i could not even due Lab 1. I really need some assistance with the hands on labs because i dont know hot to use Packet Tracer or any other simulators and i guess if i have to put out money foir the Racks i have no choice since i already plunked down $300.00 dolars to take the course in September. I know people ask you for help all the time but PLEASE HELP ME. I am totally lost with this hands on lab stuff. I’m doing this from the free site so i can get a hold of you.

    Very Respectively,


    • paulwbrowning

      I’ve asked you several times to use the paid site.

      All labs have a video for you to follow along with me. Without further information I don’t know what to suggest.

      I have also asked you several times to read the instructions and watch the how it works video so you know how to log a ticket.



  22. Ali

    Hi There,

    I have already had the Kindle version of your book β€œI just got to know about in60days! And it’s short and cool, and as I a member of udemy.com I have seen your course there as well! So is there is deferent than this one?

    You have mentioned that the objective of this course is only cover the one which end by September! Is that means I have to catch it now? Else I have to start with new CCNA objective exam which take effect by October 2013?

    • paulwbrowning

      Udemy is just a taster course, not the 60 days course.

      The current CCNA expires in under 4 months yes. Then it is much harder.



  23. Eddie

    If i sign up for this course online then i wont need the book , right?

    • paulwbrowning




  24. Eddie

    you said that the lessons are out one day at a time. so does that mean i cant go back if i miss any? Or does it mean i can’t go forward.

    • paulwbrowning

      It is all explained on the join page video



  25. Eddie

    What if i start studying in the middle of the month? Will i be able to start from lesson one?

    • paulwbrowning

      sure, yes you can



  26. clement.andre

    hio there, i have no money now to buy your course.
    can i use the free one instead? to get going? or am i missing out on aloit?

    • paulwbrowning

      There is a big difference but the free one is better than nothing.



  27. Fredo

    What is the difference between this site and your other site http://www.howtonetwork.net? Does this site include the study cards and the audio book? Lastly can I jump around or do I need to follow the 60 days because I just need to focus on certain areas like NAT EIGRP, SDM and testing?

    • paulwbrowning

      Have you looked around howtonetwork.net?

      This is a hand holding site and the other is self study



  28. Marcel Ellis


  29. Bob Cummings

    Hi Paul
    Does In 60 days include access to live Cisco racks with membership?

    • paulwbrowning

      Hi Bob,

      not at teh moment sorry.



  30. kobby

    As a new begginer i can,t wait to start and let me know the rules.tx for been the for us.happy new yr

    • paulwbrowning



  31. Earl

    Ok, well. It’s now nearly the fourth and it’s usually closing now and I have been unable to register. Is there going to be an opportunity to register this month?


    • paulwbrowning


      I put this out in the e-mail to everyone. I can’t open on new years day and I wasn’t sure if I was going to open in Jan. I’ll send out an e-mail when I know.



  32. Earl

    When will the paid version of the site be open for registration? I got the email with the link to start the challenge, but it’s still closed. I”m eager to get started.


    • paulwbrowning

      1st of each month usually Earl.



  33. Barry

    Hi Paul

    I was on holidays over Christmas and now I’m locked out from my paid CCNA in60days account because of having signed in at different locations (UK and Ireland).

    I signed up for a Facebook account to try and resolve the issue but have not received any reply.

    Can you arrange for my CCNA in60days account to be unlocked.

    Thanks, regards, Barry

    • paulwbrowning

      done for you


  34. Chris


  35. Ant

    I would like to give it a SHOT

  36. Michael

    I have bought cisco ccna in60 days and find it very helpful and straight forward . The website is a great bonus.

    • paulwbrowning

      Many thanks


  37. pete barkevich

    Looking forward to this

  38. troy Murgerson

    Ready to do this!!!!!

  39. EvB

    PB – can i start on the “freebie” and then switch to the paid as circumstances allow ?
    Thanks for just “being there”

    • paulwbrowning

      YOu can only join the paid when it opens.



  40. Vas Constantinou

    Lets do this …Thank you

  41. Qasim


  42. Nandika


  43. Theodore James

    great site

  44. judy

    A chance to pass.

  45. chris sandefur

    thank you

  46. nestor h. Vera-franco

    Do we have to know network plus for this ccna course?

    • paulwbrowning

      No, I cover the basics here.



  47. nestor h. Vera-franco

    I am positive your help will be 100% successfull on me.

  48. Freddy

    Let’s start…

  49. Bill


  50. Dragan

    Where is the “cram guide?” I ‘ve been looking allover the place. It would be helpful to create a link from the book. Thanks!

    • paulwbrowning

      It’s in the get started guide dude. If you follow that in order you will see it.



  51. Mike Combs

    I think your great for helping people better themselves

    • paulwbrowning

      cheers mike


  52. Timothy Norris

    I am studying for my ICDN 1 & 2 together and would like to pass with a skillful study course like yours Mr. Browning. I watch you on You Tube as well but I have a very hard financial burden and no employment right now and can’t afford your paid course.I wish I could because of your teaching skill is great!….Timothy M.

  53. yashi

    Waiting for my task!!

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  55. Verne Brewster

    Thank you

  56. Shree

    Looks great!

  57. Bruce Colvin

    This is going to be great! I’m looking forward to the resources and extra study material.

  58. Chike Nkeme

    I would like to take part in this training

  59. sundaram

    need to pass ccna

  60. Jack Pylican

    Count me in. I am already a memeber.

  61. Ken Weakland

    I look forward to this sixty day challange. I will more than likely buy the other deal before I am through with this. I am really interested in getting CCNA certified ASAP!

    Ken Weakland
    mcp, mcp + I, mcse

  62. stew

    ready to rock and roll

  63. Carrie Rupert

    Hello, I want to know if its mandatory that the test be taken in 60 days or can I take the test after 60 days? I have a unusual work schedule and I will be studying during my limited free time.
    Please respond to cyrup1@fuse.net or crup3@hotmail.com.

    Thank you,

    Carrie Rupert

    • paulwbrowning

      Take the test whenever you like, that is just my study program.



  64. Carrie Rupert

    I have a crazy work schedule and I wanted to know do I have to take the test in 60 days or can I take the test after 60 days? Please reply to cyrup1@fuse.n

  65. Bob Miller

    Looking forward to seeing it!

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  67. I am planning to take the test by August.

  68. Jay S

    OK… Let’s Do THIS!!!

  69. ravi

    I want to be a leader in network design, i want to learn ccna free course , this is very nice and thanks to in60days team

  70. Mridul Kumar

    I am eager to get started , and this course seems like an excellent opportunity

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    gud one

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    looking forward to the challenge thx

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    Looking forward to revealing class

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    I would like to register for this free class. I would like to know when and where, please let me know.

  78. Wendy

    Is amazing. Thanks for share

  79. Jack Cobb

    Thanks for the training resources!

  80. Vijaya Raju

    Hi Paul,

    I have finished my CCNA in March. I am looking forward to CCNP and CCNA Security.

    Do you have CCNA Security in 60days type of web challenge kindly let me know.

    Thanking you,

    • paulwbrowning

      no plans yet sorry Raju


  81. Ted

    Alright, its time to buckle down and get to it, ready…..steady……GO!

  82. Jayden Le

    This is going to be Legend…wait for it…Dary….legendary! I can’t wait.

  83. aboulwafa

    thank you for your effort towards helping people get their ccna

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  85. Fred

    60-day Challenge REgistration is still closed starting June 1?

  86. Angus


  87. Jason


    I’ve just started the CCNA in 60 Days program (free) and have been doing great, and then I started to attempt to answer the questions on Binary to Hex conversion/ Hex and Decimal (Chapter-4/Module-4) in the CCNA Simplified book. I have no problem converting to binary, but where I do find a challenge is converting larger numbers to hex specifically. I was able to use the chart in the book for smaller numbers, up to 15 (Binary to Hex Chart) but then anything larger, I’m stumped. Is there a chart for doing this more easily? I found some online but am I supposed to memorize all that? You can go up to infinity, so that’s not feasable.

    I hope this all makes sense. I love all the info. you’re putting out there, it’s been real helpful.


    • paulwbrowning

      I think you can break them down into blocks for binary. I can’t see them giving you anything to hard in the exam if anything. But with hex you should be able to make any number up by putting the correct character under the columns.



  88. Chev

    Thanks a bunch!

  89. Thomas LeMay

    yes, I am ready for the 60 day challenge

  90. Jon Gorney

    I have to get my 640-822 ICND1 test and pass it,


    thanks 4 this information

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    thanks alot

  94. Mohammed Hammad

    thanks for supporting needy peoples

  95. Shaun Bysouth

    Looks excellent hopefully pass

  96. Shaun Bysouth


  97. Raymond Alldritt

    I have completed the INCD1 but the review isn’t going to hurt. Thanks Paul.

  98. sonalruha

    thanks for providing me knowledeg

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  100. Rodrigo

    Thanks for providing all the material, it is really a great

  101. verne brewster

    starting now

  102. Ronnie Santos

    I am only in CNAP stage 1, so its too early for me to take this 60 days trial or training, I would love to be part of this probably in the next 2 to 3 months, thanks.

  103. Alwin

    Great offer !!!

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    Lets go!

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    This will be a great tool I’m finally going to get to take advantage of!!!

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  115. I am anxious to have the free 60days CCNA PROGRAM from you.

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    Thank you. I am ready to commit.

  118. Chris

    I keep putting off getting my CCNA but I’m hoping this 60 program will force me to stick with the program and finally earn it.

    • paulwbrowning

      It will if you put the work in chris


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  120. Faisal Shehzad

    i get this challenge

  121. derek

    I would like to know what you have to offer with this program. I would like to see if you can really help me with my situation. Thanks, once again, if you can help.

    • paulwbrowning

      watch the free videos and decide for yourself.


  122. I’m interested to start this free training

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    Thanks for thinking about those in need. I can’t wait for this.

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    awsome did traning last year already have the tests paid for just realy need a brush up before going in

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    Looking forward the 60 day challenge – thanks for a great site…

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    Thank you very much for providing this

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    Thanks and advance

  145. Hi, I am 50 +years old. I am in the process of re-inventing myself for the 21th Century.
    I need to achieve the CCNA for my personal reward.

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    I belive it be so intrestiing coz CCNA itself is an intresting course with an intresting instructor. I hav little idea and I wnt ma iddea to rule d world. I salute u all. Kb

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    Hey Paul, If I start the Free 60 day CCNA today! can I upgrade it on or after the 1st of May?

    Many thanks

    Great resource too!

    • paulwbrowning

      Yes Nick.


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    about ccna

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    Got my Cisco CCNA Simplified 3rd edition
    And a member of how to network. Com

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    I am already a Platinum member. Is there a discount coupon for the paid 60 Day program that is available to Platinum members? Where do I get the coupon? I have searched the site and cannot find it. Other members mentioned it in past postings. I want to do the 60 Day program and pass the ICND2 for my recert. Then on to CCNP.

    Great site!!!!

    Thank you,

    John aka CiscoGuy

    • paulwbrowning

      yes, see the tip of the week and the forum on how to net



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    I am already a Platinum member of HowtoNetwork. I am working on getting my CCNA recert, I passed the ICND1 and I am currently working on the ICND2. Thank you for outstanding training materials and support.


    • paulwbrowning

      thanks John


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    I haven’t booked my Ccna test yet as I want to learn as much as I can threw your free lessons before I pay for anything , do you think that’s the right way to do it or do you think I should book and set a date. Am a novice to networking but revising everyday and picking it up good.

    Thanks gavin

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    I’m trying to pay for your course, but it’s telling me that it’s closed.

    • paulwbrowning

      opens 1st April



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    Good CCNA help is hard to find!

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    Thank you for sending me the free videos for the CCNA course. The videos are quite understandable and please do send me 60 day plan and the videos as and when you ready.
    I would be thankful to you forever.

    I hope to see more of your videos.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Srikanth Cherala

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    Thanks for your answers.
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      It’s in the forum Marty if you log in, recent comment and code at the bottom of the thread.



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